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Monday, August 22, 2005


Hangin' with Cindy's buds...

I've written before about our local moonbats (http://herbertsobel.blogspot.com/2005/02/protest-against-morons.html). Today, they taped an American flag to a lamp post at a height that had it dragging on the sidewalk. When I yelled across the street to them to lift it off the ground, they laughed. BTW- the twit to the right of the flag (just to the right of the mailboxes) is, IIRC, a British subject; resident in the U.S. >25 years, mother of American citizens, prefers to remain a Crown subject. She should have stayed in London, doing £1 Lewinskys in Picadilly Circus.
After I called them f****** morons, and just as I reached my boil-over point*, the mope who had hung the flag pulled it down, balled it up, and stuffed it into a bag.
And I'm sworn to protect their right to be a-holes.

One of the squacks took a cell-phone pic of me. Look for that rare image of me in street clothes- and remember that video makes one look 20# heavier.

*- a number of vets have told me that they are reluctant to do the Protest Warrior thing because of anger management issues. These issues seem only to surface when moonbats are about.

It isn't 20 lbs. heavier, it's 30 lbs. heavier!

/I swear!

You go, girlfriend! Harrass the bastards and shame them into running away! Great job! Keep the faith. The forth ith with you! :)
Girlfriend? Sorry, f.d., the only women on this here blog are friendly visitors or the moonbats we thrash. It's a little-known fact, but not every military nurse is female. Check the profile photo.
And I wish all the silly bastards had run away. They're too tiresome to have any shame.
"They're too tiresome ..."

Yep! That says it all!
Loved the pic. Stole it and sent it to my dad.
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