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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Why We Fight- a personal view

The other night I worked with another veteran of the U.S. Army. She expressed disdain for our presence in Iraq, and implied that we somehow brought this war upon ourselves. I'm afraid that sort of statement sets me off, and I treated her to a toned-down version of one of my rants; for which I did apologize.

The fact is, we are facing an enemy who doesn't think like us. Our enemy is part of a death cult that easily justifies killing its own adherents. The enemy certainly doesn't care for us or anyone who isn't them. Our enemy seems determined to destroy America, Western civilization, and any religion other than Islam. The enemy's preferred method of killing is bombing, a mass slaughter of innocents. No stand-up courage from these dogs.....

When they stop killing Americans, innocent bystanders in other countries, and their own innocent civilians- then I am willing to stop being a soldier.

At the risk of being labeled a bigot (those who know me know this is not correct) or "politically incorrect" (THAT'S for sure!), I end with some comments I'd posted on LGF:
I've been saying this since 9/11. When America interned Japanese in WWII, their sons, almost to a man, demanded the right to go to the Pacific and kill Japanese in defense of this country (They got sent to Italy, instead. Go figure).
You have not seen lines of American Moslems lining up at recruiters, demanding the right to head East and kill ragheads in defense of America. You have not seen the American mullahs standing up and saying to their Middle Eastern brethren, "stop! enough!" You do not see American mosques holding care package drives for American troops.
The dirty little truths that you'll never hear from MSM & the rest of the PC crowd-
1. Iraq is just one campaign in a much larger war.
2. This war IS a World War.
3. This war IS a religious war.

I sometimes think that this war will end when they're all dead or we're all dead.

Update 9MAR05:
Response to Red A-
Part of my work the last 3 years has been working with the Army's MOB/DEMOB effort. I've met thousands of troops, mostly ARNG/Reserve, few of them Moslems.

There are Moslems serving in the U.S. Military, in combat zones, many with distinction, I am sure. These are my fellow American soldiers. There are others who are taking the provided out of serving in posts elswhere in the world. I can understand a certain degree of conflict, especially if you are a recent immigrant who might have to face relatives over open sights.
Then there is the one accused of fragging an HQ tent.*

What I said was, "You have not seen lines of American Moslems lining up at recruiters, demanding the right to head East and kill ragheads in defense of America". I stand by that.

Akbar Gets Death Sentence
Associated Press
April 29, 2005

FORT BRAGG, N.C. - A military jury sentenced a soldier to death Thursday for a grenade and rifle attack on his own comrades during the opening days of the Iraq invasion, a barrage that killed two officers and that prosecutors said was driven by religious extremism.
Sgt. Hasan Akbar....

This is THE war. And we are doing well.

Thanks to our men and women we are winning this, and we will continue to do so.

God Bless the troops.
This war will end when Islam as an ideology is dead and discredited. It will end when the so-called moderate Muslims - leave islam because they recognize that their "prophet" was a fraud and an evil man who invented (or hallucinated) a "religion" in order to enslave people and promote his political ends. The most valuable WOT website on the internet is Ali Sina's website - faithfreedom.org
I think you need to be careful when saying that muslims are not volunteering for this war (on our side.)

I just finished reading "the interrogators" and they used a lot of Afghani-American translators. Obviously, we'd use them in this capacity rather than as infantry.

I've also seen Arab-American soldiers on CNN in Iraq - he was definitely a infantry guy.

Also, there were those thousands of Iraqi freedom corps (sp?)fighters who came from the USA.
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How could the last three comments have been posted in June, August and September of 05. We arn't there yet. Are we?
Blogger only has 2 date formats that allow a 24-hr clock with the date, both in non-US convention. Had you looked at your own comment after posting, this would have been clear to you (maybe?). I hope this clarifies it for you. I've changed the format again to minimize confusion.
Interesting but ultimately incorrect. The common consensus that this war on "Terror" is a) religious, b) against people who hate us, or c) not going to end until we convert them is wrong.

The facts are that the West in wholely responsible for kicking the ant hill, the bee hive, the nest. We have been exporting our brand of religion (Government Sponsored Free Enterprise) to the entire world. Sooner or later we were going to run into someone who view our brand religion as a threat on their culture.

That sir is the problem. We have known for mellinia that Islam and the Middle East did not take kindly to outside influence. And yet our government not only allowed our businesses and culture to move in...it sponsored it.

Now you have the consequence of those actions. I suggest that you do some reseach and rethink your views. And always remember not to buy your own countries propoganda that they spin to gain support from the citizens.

Inclosing...ask yourself one thing: If Islam doesn't want us there...and the neo-Con Administration feel the only way to win the "war on terror" is to be there...who is right? Aren't we just perpetuating the problem?

I find your anti-U.S., appeasing, and ultimately defeatist views to be an insult to my American culture. You have poked a stick in my nest. On behalf of all American casualties, military and civilian, I'm on my way to your house to kill you, your entire family, and your little dog, too. That is the consequence of your idiotarian comment.

/sarcasm- tag provided because I believe you too dense to get the point otherwise.
If Islam doesn't want us there...and the neo-Con Administration feel the only way to win the "war on terror" is to be there...who is right?

If "Islam" doesn't want us there, but it also wants to come here and behave as if it were still there...who is right?

If "Islam" doesn't want us there, yet begs us to come and protect it's ass and the oil it rests upon...who is right?

The short answer: It isn't you.
"I've been saying this since 9/11. When America interned Japanese in WWII, their sons, almost to a man, demanded the right to go to the Pacific and kill Japanese in defense of this country (They got sent to Italy, instead. Go figure)."

Not quite. The Japanese-Americans in Hawaii (who were not interned) campaigned vigorously to serve in the military (from which they had been kicked out of after Pearl Harbor), and formed the basis of the 100th Battalion and parts of the Military Intelligence Service in the Pacific. Mainlanders, who were interned, were much less enthusiastic: over 90% responded to a survey from the Army that they would not serve in the military. There were those who volunteered, of course, but much of the 442nd RCT was drafted out of the camps.
Exactly right FASTAC.
Nobody is dropping "capitalism bombs" on them.
They adopt and use what they want - and their culture was just as screwed up without it.

Meanwhile, they come to the West and refuse to assimilate.
In fact, they fester and grow their resentment against us while living in our midst on our soil.
Because we wont rewrite our laws to fit the crapholes they came from.

If they dont like our culture and capitalism, why the hell not stay in their Islamic wonderland?
Why not foreswear all our tech and money?

Because they are lying, hypocritical, misogynistic, swine.
To "Anonymous : 05 December, 2005 17:12" (I love anonymous dissent):

"Though the initial call had been for 1,500 volunteers from Hawaii, in all more than 2,600 young men, most of them Nisei (second generation Japanese-Americans) were accepted for service in the 442nd. Back on the mainland, where 110,000 American citizens were being warehoused in concentration camps referred to as "relocation centers", 1,256 volunteered and close to 800 were accepted." -http://www.homeofheroes.com/moh/nisei/index3_442nd.html

You are correct in that the number of volunteers from the camps was low, (1,256 of 23,606 of draft age)the overall number of volunteers was about 10,000, mostly from Hawaii. Volunteers, not drafted. Some sources state that approx. 25,000 Japanese-Americans served during WWII.

It would be worth knowing if the number of moslems volunteering after 9/11 approached even 1% of the Nisei numbers.
Interesting and exellent post. Thank you for it and thank you for your service.
The only think I object to in your last comment is calling the internment camps of the Japanese-Americans during WW2 "concentration camps". While technically the term is correct, they were nowhere near the concentration camps we all know - the ones established by the Nazis.
CL needs to review history him/herself. Islam was founded violence. Muhammed was a conquerer who firmly believed, and proved so, that Islam was to be spread "at the point of the sword". His Islamic troops took Spain, threatened the borders of France, they made it up to Austria and even as far as Russia, all in the name of spreading Islam. The religion has been an aggressive religion with no tolerance for others since it's formation in the 700 AD. For those that forget, our actions in Iraq didn't "kick the hornets nest" as they had been blowing stuff up, shooting people, and hijacking airliners for decades prior to the First Gulf War! The embassy in Iran was taken by "students" that resented the modernization of Iran and wanted the world ruled by Shi'ia Islam. They made no secret of that fact and stated so several times a day. If anything can be labeled as "kicking" events off, it would be the creation of the recognized state of Israel back in 1947. But that area has always been Israel and Jewish. In 1947 it was merely formalized and immigration opened up. First statement out of the Islamics mouths are "Eradication of the state of Israel".
So, CL him/herself needs to get over the liberal propoganda and recognize just what is going on in the world.
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This war is not for peace and justice, it's for the oil.
The us troops do not fight for their country, they fight for the american corporations.
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