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Monday, February 21, 2005


Protest against the morons

On any given Monday in South Bend, IN, a group of morons parades in front of the Federal Building, 204 S. Main St. They will tell you that they are opposed to “the war in Iraq”. But they’ve been out there since November of 2000, their real cause an unreasoned hatred of President Bush. In 2000 I attempted to speak with these dolts about their politics. I’ve had more meaningful conversations with my parrot.

In March of 2003, there was a ‘Support the Troops’ rally at South Bend’s Military Honor Park & Museum. I had just returned from 3 months of intermittent duty at an Army MOB center and had the honor of addressing that rally. Another speaker suggested that there should be a counter to the weekly protest- that there should be so many people supporting the military that the protesters would be invisible behind them. Well, that’s never happened. There are some of us, though, who try to appear on Mondays to wave the flag and show that there are some citizens in town who have a grasp on reality.

I go to downtown South Bend on any Monday afternoon when I don’t have work or military obligations. I invite any and all to come along and wave the flag, 1700-1800 EST, West side of the street. You might meet a Marine mom, military vets, or even FASTAC 6. If you find yourself alone, stand proudly. Feel free to taunt the morons. Please refrain from pummeling, no matter the temptation.

Update 2/28/05: A reader asked for photos. Here are a couple shot during the beginning of what we hope will be our last severe storm of the year. By the end of the hour, there were 15 or so of these dolts in front of the building. Many of the signs are insults aimed at President Bush. Sorry about the lack of close-ups. The weather was ugly, I wanted to get the camera out of the snow, AND this is about as close as I care to get to these......people.

Update 18 AUG 05:

This group of moonbats also runs a Saturday protest from 1300-1400:
Every Saturday, 1:00-2:00pm Anti-War Vigil at the Cemetery corner of Cleveland and Grape Road near University Park Mall. We hope to bring home to the shoppers the reality of the war in Iraq. Bring signs and banners or use ours. The signs should oppose policies and avoid personal attacks on people. E.g., "Peace on Earth Means Now" "No More Preemptive War" "Warfare Out, Health Care In" "U.S. Out, U.N. In."http://community.michiana.org/justice/index.html

On 6 AUG, I was able to celebrate by displaying "Nuke the Bastards" signs on my truck. I found the bank driveway diagonally across from the cemetery to be an ideal spot for flag-waving.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Surely someone is documenting these idiots with a camera...
Funny how the left never bothers to articulate their positions (if they have any) on issues. They simply believe that "F**k Bush" is a standalone position.

It's like Social Security. They have no plan whatsoever, they only know they hate Bush('s plan).
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