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Saturday, January 16, 2010


U.S. Constitution for Dummies: Health Care and Fundamental Rights

While trying to verify a CNA's Illinois certificate yesterday, I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to locate Illinois' Department of Public Health. I started at the Home page, which seemed logical. That led me initially to this page, aimed at consumers. I backtracked to the state agencies page, which didn't list the IDPH. Finally, I just googled it and found an IDPH site seemingly unconnected to the main IL.Gov site. But all of that is not important. Along the way, I stumbled onto the rotten core of the Socialist philosophy:

Illinois Veterans

Healthcare is a fundamental right. And when someone puts their life on the line to defend their country, it is shocking that they could even go one day without health insurance.The federal government does not provide comprehensive health insurance to thousands of veterans who have served their country.

Every veteran should have access to affordable, quality health insurance, and that’s why Veterans Care, was created. This program offers access to affordable, comprehensive healthcare to veterans across Illinois. Under this program, veterans pay an affordable monthly premium of $40 or $70 depending on their income, and receive medical, limited dental and vision coverage. Illinois is the first state in the nation to create a program like this.

Veterans Care serves those veterans who have limited incomes. For additional information on Veterans Care, call us at 1-877-4VETSRX. Our Veterans Service Officers stand ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Frankly, it amazes me that they get away with this shit. I expect it in Chicago, but not in Springfield. The huge tail is wagging the dog.
Pretty much any Vet without a DD or BCD has access to health care. There may be a co-pay, but it is means-tested and I pretty much guarantee you that an impoverished vet is not going to be shelling out lots of cash for his or her care. I know, because I'm enrolled in the system. I started in August of last year, and so far I've received a level of care and respect that surprised me (regional differences may apply, and your results may vary). I spent a lot of time as a young vet and paramedic trundling vets in and out of Chicago-area VA facilities. This is not my daddy's VA.
VA health benefits are open to all Veterans. Family members may also be eligible to receive benefits. There is no monthly premium for VA care, but there may be a co-pay. Apply now.

All of which begs the question about this statement:

Healthcare is a fundamental right.

As many times as I've read the Declaration and Constitution, I don't recall ever seeing that. You are

endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

You are guaranteed Life, not to be capriciously taken from you by a tyrannical Government.
You are guaranteed Liberty, not to be capriciously taken from you or infringed by a tyrannical Government without due process as based in the Constitution.
You are guaranteed the pursuit of Happiness, not to be capriciously impeded by a tyrannical Government.

You are not guaranteed a healthy life.
You are not guaranteed a life free from responsibility, for that is part of Liberty.
You are not guaranteed Happiness. You have the freedom to prosper, and you also have the freedom to fail. What you wind up with is very much influenced by your drive and ambitions.

In sum, to state that "Healthcare is a fundamental right" is to engage in modern Socialism, completely missing the Founders' intent of what this country was to be.

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I haven't been tending this blog for a while. I've started some weeding in old comments, and I hope to do more frequent posting. Later.

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