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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Words matter: some "progressive" euphemisms.

From a "progressive" poster at Daily Kos, a few words, with explanations following:
....For these people, a just health care system, fiscal responsibility, beneficial trade policies, environmental protection, veterans' benefits, reproductive rights, LGBT rights, to name a few things, are far less important than the brief sense of bitter pride they might derive from seeing Obama defeated in November. Yet, while matters of policy are always up for debate (i.e., no one can say how successful Obama will actually be in enacting a progressive agenda),....

a just health care system- We will tax you into penury so everyone can have the same crappy socialized health care.

fiscal responsibility- We will seize as much personal income and corporate profit as we can to further our Socialist agenda.

beneficial trade policies- We support any trade policy that unions favor.

environmental protection- We will "protect" the environment and assorted critters, no matter how much damage that does to the U.S. economy and individual citizens.

veterans' benefits- Although we hate the military, everyone serving in it, and the role American service members play in preserving our liberty to be arrogant assholes; we support any veterans' programs that require additional Government spending and consequent taxation.

reproductive rights- We insist on our "right" to slaughter inconvenient children.

LGBT rights- We insist on our "right" to be a behavioral minority, no matter how aberrant.

Yeah, no progressive believes any of that.
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