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Sunday, March 02, 2008



I've noticed that I haven't had a lot to say about military matters recently. This is due to two conditions:
1) I am among the rear-most of the REMFs; and a part-timer, at that. The boys and girls on the fronts of this World War have more important things to relate than I do.
2) The people above me seem to feel that they have a lock on all my speech, above and beyond the needs of OPSEC. Although I am free to resign at any time, I continue to obey while I feel I am in a position to serve. This is also why I go to some small effort to obscure my identity.

That said, I will continue to blog as time permits, and I am very much military. Mostly you'll see political rants from me. To ignore political events is to fall victim to them.

Let me end with:
Barack Hussein Obama.
If you don't like that, Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama, drag hubby to Cook County Circuit Court and have him change his name legally.

Ann Althouse has up the video clip of the Obama Cult's anthem, or, Night of the O-bots.

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