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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The War Within, Continuing- a Candidate's Binary Issue

This e-mail exchange:
Re: A Very Long Article On Obama
When you get the chance, it's very good.
He has never expressed any support for Israel has never disavowed his alleged ministers anti-Israel bias, nor has he mentioned his sugar daddy Soros' antipathy towards Israel. I think he is a stealth muslim, as his cousin is the loser in the Kenyan election, and his cuz signed an agreement with the muslim leadership in Kenya to introduce Sharia Law. I have seen the photos of B-HO campaigning for his cuz in '06 in Kenya.
His alleged church follows the doctrine of the Marxist liberation theology.
Later, dog.

On Jan 23, 2008 11:14 PM, genmacpherson wrote:
Don't have time to do more than skim tonight; up against some deadlines. Bottom line for me on Obama: he's a fucking socialist louse. May be bright, personable, and all that, but at heart he is with those who wish to destroy America (and Israel in passing). Also- he is one of two things, very binary: he is either a moslem apostate, or a Manchurian Candidate. The facts of his upbringing and current proclaimed religious status allow no other conclusions (I know, it's all a Zionist plot).

******** wrote:
Senator Obambi is coming into focus.

prompted some amplification- Barack Hussein Obama's church may not be to everyone's taste, but on the face of it seems relatively innocuous. I have no more objection to it than to a synagogue teaching Jewish history and Zionist philosophy, which is to say none. Reports of the minister hanging out with the likes of Louis Farrakhan are troubling, at the very least.

My objections to Sen. Obama stem from two major items: his politics, which are Socialist and anti-civil rights (remember the 2nd Amendment, Mr. Obama? It's a G-d -given Civil Right mixed in with all those other pesky things in the Constitution.); and his upbringing.

The politics don't require much discussion. I am poor and without medical insurance as a result of my choices. I don't insist that you pony up to pay for my health care, other than VA care I paid for in advance, like every other American Service person. I don't need more of my earnings seized to pay for sub-standard education. And I sure as hell don't need anyone telling me I'm no longer entitled to self-defense. As for the rest of Obama's positions, it should be clear to readers of this blog why I object to them.

The man's upbringing is a binary choice. Sen. Obama's father was a moslem. His step-father is a moslem. Obama attended a moslem parochial school in a predominantly moslem country, for whatever length of time. His Kenyan siblings and cousins appear to be moslems. By what we know of sharia law, that pretty much makes Mr. Obama a moslem. This fact is repeated frequently, worldwide, by moslem clergy and laity. If Sen. Obama became a Christian, of whatever denomination, that makes him a moslem apostate, free to be murdered at will by any practicing moslem; this little bit of sharia is also frequently repeated and defended by moslem clergy and laity worldwide.
Must all be quite the major headache for the Secret Service. Does the islamic world want to kill the man, or are they just waiting for him to come out of the closet?

More on Sen. Obama via Debbie Schlussel: EXCLUSIVE - Obama's Nation of Islam Staffers, Edward Said & "Inflexible Jews" Causing Mid-East Conflict: An Obama Insider Reveals the Real Barack

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