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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Everybody knows it's a Really Bad Idea to give an A.I. any effector mechanisms to interact with the outside world.....

......more news from the nascent Terminator Universe:

On a forum I frequent, a request for a movie reference inspired me to get on my soapbox about everybody knowing it's a Really Bad Idea to give an A.I. any effector mechanisms to interact with the outside world. I have lined out the other participants' names, and made some minor edits. I hope it is easy to follow. You'll never look at your QuadCore the same way again.......
_________This has been driving mne nuts, an I hope you guys can help.

There is a movie from the late 60's or 70's about a computer that takes over and holds a group of scientists hostage and threatens the world. I saw parts of it years ago on late night TV and I can't recall the name. I would love to watch the whole thing, but I don't even know the title.

Any help would be appreciated.

The Forbin Project http://imdb.com/title/tt0064177/

No competition. I was just roping in the link, as well. Liked the novel better.

On a related note, just finished watching the first two episodes of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Shows promise [watched 3rd episode last night. Living up to the promise].

/everybody knows it's a Really Bad Idea to give an A.I. any effector mechanisms to interact with the outside world

Such as scientists developing robots that can lie....
I was thinking of the convergence of actual technologies- the military autonomous vehicles project (M113-sized [since I last looked into this, the size of autonomous vehicles has shrunk quite a bit; the result, no doubt, of smaller comps and better battery technology]), armed robots (adapted from telepresence EOD robots), improved pattern-matching software (facial recognition, etc.), faster CPUs (Intel Quad-Cores), the Japanese (and one American's) obsession with anthropomorphic machines.... You can damn near build a killer robot today with off-the-shelf tech. The Terminator Universe postulates this convergence becoming self-aware in 2011. I don't know about that, but most of the tech exists today to build a hunter-killer with a set group of faces to look for.
"Have you seen this boy?"

Current tech links:


More news from the nascent Terminator Universe-

No hands on the trigger- more than an AD:

Video from similar incident (things you don't want to see when you're behind the cannon):

Robot see, robot kill:

Death by UAV:

A guy writing about warfighting at a remove:
Would you like to play Global Thermonuclear War?

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