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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Phony Soldiers, Rush Limbaugh, and the "Honorable" Harry Reid

I don't often find myself defending the names of the rich and famous. But I feel I must say a few words about the slandering of Rush Limbaugh.

At least as early as May 2006, Little Green Footballs and assorted milblogs were reporting on the phony soldier Jessie Macbeth. Jessie and his ilk were and are people pretending to be heroes; in the process they tarnish the the good names of all those who serve in earnest. Some of these phonies had mundane military service, others none at all; they pretend to service in theatres they've never been near, in uniforms they've never properly worn. It's all right to be an REMF, just don't stroll over to the PX and buy a lot of decorations you've not been awarded. If you've never actually served, don't you dare put on my uniform.

Several days ago, Rush Limbaugh discussed "phony soldiers" with a caller to his show. This aired some days after an ABC TV news story apparently on the same subject. I've listened to the Limbaugh recordings repeatedly. It was clear to me that the reference to "phony soldiers" was in regard to the Jessie Macbeths of the world. If you speak and understand English properly, this should be clear to you, as well. Somehow, Sen. Harry Reid (Dummocrat,NV) has determined that Rush was talking about honorably serving service members who dissent against government policy. Senator Reid, you need to ask your doctor if Aricept is right for you.

Regarding free speech and dissent: when you raise your right hand as a soldier, your civil liberties become bounded. You no longer have the right to unfettered free speech (as letters of reprimand in my 201 attest to). Senators, on the other hand, may apparently slander freely, as long as it is done on the Senate floor.

Woohooo! I finally created a blog so I can remember my password. Now it is time for YOU to update.
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