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Sunday, September 30, 2007


War for Dummies/Dummocrats -Cliff's Notes Edition

Whether it is national policy or you just get sucked in somehow (Alamo, Pearl Harbor, 9/11), war should be pretty straightforward. You win or you lose. Either way, the cost is horrendous.

To win, you kick the other guy's ass. You inflict enough harm that he either quits the fight, or dies in place.
To lose, he does all that to you. Sometimes he has help from people who should be on your side. This is known as a Fifth Column.

Diplomacy should also be straightforward. Two or more parties sit to discuss matters of mutual concern. If their general goals are similar, and the parties involved are rational, you can often come to an accommodation short of armed conflict.

What the left (Fifth Column) in this country are (intentionally) missing is that we are engaged in armed and unarmed combat with an enemy that is neither rational nor inclined to quit. There is no diplomacy possible, and to quit is to lose everything, including the freedom of some to be insufferable idiots.

hey, it's grayp from LGF. I've been having an interesting discussion with an Iranian over on an English language German blog.

He writes stuff such as
But most likely these claims are the usual lies of your government trying to convince gullible people such as yourselves for starting a war with Iran. For the fact remains that it is your ostensible friendly polities of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Qatar and others that are supporting the Sunni insurgents of Iraq who are killing your troops. Perhaps you ought to attack Saudi Arabia and UAE were the hijackers came from?

As I tried to indicate to you in this forum, we went through the War of Sacred Defense with much less than what we have today. You cannot bring us to our knees. There are many many tactical and strategic decisions that we can make to counter your moves.

You have truly a binary choice:

A hostile nuclear-armed Iran or a non-hostile nuclear-armed Iran. US and EU have brought us to this. Do not blame us for taking all necessary means to defend ourselves, our friends, and our interests.

Let the war begin; you will regret it as you have with Iraq and Vietnam. For you fight for shadows and we fight for God and Country.

It starts here, where he tries to tell me that 40% of our equipment is tied up in Iraq and we should just consider it lost.


I thought you might join us and give the shit a soldier's perspective.

(I post there as 'Pamela')

I hope to see you around.......
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