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Monday, November 06, 2006


hizbos: "Geneva Conventions? We don' got no stinkin' Geneva Conventions!"

I'm visiting the Old Country for a medical course. This summer Nahariya (~6 miles from the Lebanese border) took ~450 missiles in the city proper and about 400 in the immediate area. The city and the hospital were deliberately targeted. Here are two photos of the Nahariya hospital (WGH) after it took a direct hit from a hizbollah Katyusha:
looking out (faces obscured)
battle damage faces obscured

shrapnel damage outside the room
shrapnel damage

Isn't that ball bearing damage? Israeli media reported that some rockets were packed with as many as 10 thousand of them, at times even feces-infected or Coumadin-laced.
Ball-bearings seem to be the shrapnel of choice. Other impacts in the photo were probably caused by pieces of the rocket casing or even parts of the hospital's metal trim thrown by the explosion. Although the photo doesn't show it, the damage extends 5-7m inside the hospital.
It is worth repeating that this hospital was deliberately targeted, serves a patient population that is more than 50% arab, and that the hospital staff reflects this.
I know, I know. I just wanted to stress once more the fact that the Hezbos were using very unconventional weapons. In addition to this hospital, the Rambam in Haifa was also targeted, and the Safed (Tzfat) Hospital was hit.
Most, if not all, Israeli hospitals provide medical services to Arabs. Not to mention the number of physicians and nursing staff employed, some in very important positions.
For a bit of juicy gossip, not that it seems to matter at all, the Head of Ophthalmology in Nahariyah attended the same medical school as Bashar Assad did, in the UK.
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