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Sunday, July 23, 2006


End game

Did I miss something, or is Western civilization well into a struggle for survival? Catching up on all the news and events that I missed while training yesterday, it seems abundantly clear that we're:
a) engaged in an all-out World War based on religious-political philosophy
b) our opponents will stop at nothing less than the complete destruction of life as we know it, with particular attention to Israel and all Jews everywhere
c) that this war will not end until they are all dead or we are all dead- I no longer believe that moslems will tire of dying

I have written about this before, here. The passage of time is only making these facts more apparent.

For those who think my statements extreme, I say: show me a peaceful, moderate, American moslem who in his heart does not long for world-wide domination by islam, and I will show you someone who is pushing up daisies. We are in a war for our very lives. It is time we started acting that way.

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Extreme? Frankly, I'm tired of hearing that. Or being accused of being neo-nazis or some such thing. No Sir, not extreme. My response: "Sounds resonable to me. Nice grouping, by the way..."

Let's get real. This IS war. And no, islam will NOT rest until Israel and all Jews are destroyed.

But, as if that weren't bad enough, who do you think is next? If ever they could finish with Israel (in their wet dreams, maybe), we, as The Evil American Capitalist Infidels, are next.

God bless Israel. God bless America. I pray Israel will untie IDF's hands and lets them have a go at some real peace-keeping.

As for our Boys, God bless 'em, one and all, as they give those who would come against us a good boot in the a**.

Our prayers are with you.
I must concur that the word extreme is a misnomer, a non-starter if you will.

To state your observations from knowledge gained, personal experience, and above all from the mouths of the leaders of said religion/ideology is actual wisdom not extremism.

Keep up the fight and stay true.
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