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Friday, March 10, 2006


Not a Hollyweird disaster film.......

Internet access for the first time in days.

Heard that Faith & Tim are pissed off at the rate of progress. Well, I'm tired of the whining. The disaster that was/is Katrina-Rita-Wilma was not built in a day, and neither will be the recovery.It took years of greed, corruption, and engineering mistakes to create a world where many thousands of people were living where sanity suggested they shouldn't; protected by man-made devices incapable of standing up to G-d's own weather.

To those who think the recovery effort is moving too slowly, I say this: there is a lot more to the Gulf Coast than NOLA. The wreckage was on a scale that is mind-numbing. Come visit me and I'll show you hundreds of photos of what this place looked like post K-R-W. Then you can look at the thousands of laborers who daily police up thousands of tons of debris, in plain and haz-mat flavors. You can watch the sunup-to-sundown parade of trucks expanding the levees. You can see Federal dollars turn into recovery.

Yes, there are still waste, corruption, and greed. But the whiners need to back off and understand the scale of this effort. In any other corner of this planet, people would still be starving on open ground after a disaster of this magnitude.

It took years to get Andrew cleared away (and it isn't totally recovered.) The damage from Katrina was SO much more immense because Andrew, while extremely powerful, was a small hurricane.
Woohooo! Just read that you are headed home. Congratulations! I thought SURE you'd decided to sign on for the next hurricane season as well.
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