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Sunday, January 01, 2006


New Year's Eve in the Plaquemines

fireworks from dock, Port Sulphur
Fireworks from the dock.

The Army Guard unit and some of the camp management staff decided to light off several-hundred-dollars-worth of pyrotechnics. Bored soldiers with explosives? Not a great idea.
Various libations were consumed, great music boomed from pick-up truck radios tuned to Cajun Rock 95.7, nobody was grabbed by a gator while peeing at the water's edge, and a good time was had by most. Aside from some minor burns, there were no injuries (a good thing, as by 2330 I declared myself too toasted to render proper medical care, and pronounced the Clinic closed).
At one point a table full of pyrotechnics overturned as they were lit, causing some spectacular lateral shots. The Sheriff's houseboat survived unscathed, good news for all concerned.

For those who follow such things, today concludes Week 6 of Charlie chillin' in his body bag on the street.
Happy New Year from Port Sulphur, LA. Prosperity to America, and death to all those who would harm Americans.

Heh. Was just wondering what your New Year's celebration was like, and if you got to go to New Orleans.

Happy New Year!

/back to painting cabinets.
LOL you shouldve been here on the Northshore!
The fog was so thick you couldnt see aanything more than a few feet from your own face.

Big fireworks were reduced to mere glows overhead.

At the same time, I think many people were using the occasion to vent their stress from the past 4 months.
I have never, in my 42 yrs of living in and around NOLA (or anywhere for that matter) heard so many fireworks being set off at once.
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