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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Lessons learned during the Katrina relief effort...

Some lessons learned:

The Gulf Coast relief effort is America's largest on-going, free-floating cluster-fuck.

Piss-poor logistical planning is the mother of all fuck-ups. Piss-poor leadership is the father.

Far worse than the Blue Screen of Death is the Blue Splashback of the plastic latrine.

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Well, we have a DNC mayor and Governor lol.
It's natural.

I just pray Katrina flushed away enough of their welfare-hog voting bloc to drive them from power the next election.

I watched Mary Landreiu fix 2 elections with their multiple SS#s and voting dead relatives and voting in multiple districts.

It's how that dingbat (female moonbat) Blanco (should have a "k" in it instead of a "c") got the governors seat too.

It's how NOLA ended up with a police force staffed mostly by thugs from the projects (I did have to laugh though, when they used to the opportunity Katrina provided to loot a Cadillac dealership - what a perfect demonstration of their standards).

Most of the world didnt ride out the hurricane and hear Nagin and Blanco's handling of it and it's immediate aftermath live.

It was really pathetic.
They were utterly lost.

I cant wait to vote..
By the way, thank you and God bless you for your efforts.
Should you get to the northshore anytime soon, let me at least buy you a beer.
Free beer! I'd take Rightwingmac up on dat offer if'n I wuz you.
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