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Friday, November 11, 2005


Rewriting WWI, Dhimmi Style

I've also posted this at littlegreenfootballs.com:

From an AOL article on WWI VETS:
"World War I, fueled by intense nationalism and conflicting economic and colonial interests, began in the Balkans in 1914 and quickly spread across Europe because of military alliances. The major allied powers were Great Britain, France and Russia, and they were opposed by Germany, Austria-Hungary and a few others."

It's insane. Even historically, they can't bring themselves to mention the Muslim Ottoman Empire as an enemy of France and England. WTF? I mean seriously, rewriting history for today's youth? The Muslim's never harmed the West? WWI was a European Conflict only?
As a historian, I'm deeply offended by this crap.

But here's a paragraph from further on, explaining how it was the west that screwed up the peaceful Middle East:
"Unlike the wars that followed, World War I doesn't have the visual record so important to becoming part of American consciousness, Flynn says. Yet its impact can be linked to many problems facing the world today, including conflict in the Balkans and the rise of Arab nationalism that occurred after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire."

Again, the historical rewrite pisses me off.

Even my rudimentary grasp of history assures me that there is a long history of enmity between Europe and the Islamic world.
Actually the end of the war and the subsequent 'peace negotiations' in Paris in 1919 added significant fuel to islamic nationalism. This is no re-write of history
The issue at hand us that the article removes any culpability for the war - and its direct consequences - from the Muslim component of the Central Powers, while granted it a state of victimhood above and beyond that given to the other Central powers. It is complete idiocy to assume that as a Muslim Empire, the Ottaman Empire was somehow above retribution for its role in WWI and therefore completely undeserving of the treatment it underwent after the war. But that is how the article paints it, only furthering the myth that all middle eastern problems are because of the West, and the Muslims have always been blameless victims of Western aggression. But don't just rely on me, go ask an Armenian what he thinks.
I'll think I'll pass on asking an Armenian (grin).

Hope that the severe storms passed you without mishap.
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