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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Cycling NOLA

Cycle of Violence visits Southern LA:
In NOLA, there is a co-op of anarchists who take donated bicycles, refurbish them, and sell them for $10-20 a pop.
While on R&R in NOLA last week I purchased from them a Spaulding 12-speed with a light, lugged frame. The bike proved a delightful means of touring the French Quarter, traveling to the PX, and getting some much-needed PT.
Back at the camp in scenic Port Sulphur, the camp managers decided to replace my clinic boardwalk with a graveled path. The crew doing this pranged my front steps with a front-loader, and damaged the bike which was locked to the steps. So much for the new-old bike. Still works, but the thrill is gone.

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That's what you get for giving anarchists money. YOu know they'll onl yburn it, because it like totally represents ORDER. So why waste the cash?
So, happy birthday! Buy yourself another bicycle, in my name. Not that I'll actually contribute any cash because I'm screwing off instead of working, but I figure my lack of productivity is balanced by you nose to the grindstone types so the nation's GNP won't suffer too much, while I'll go ahead and have the fun y'all productive types are missing.
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