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Friday, September 09, 2005


Road Trip!

For anyone who cares:

After much deliberation, and a lot of bending of friends' ears, I'm headed for Baton Rouge. My chain of command isn't sending me, and the State Dept. of Homeland Security hasn't organized their next wave yet, so I'll be a civilian contractor for FEMA. Doing this now means probably losing one job, but the need seems greatest now, and I want to be able to face myself in the mirror. I'll be out of electronic contact for a while, so sometime in the next 72 hours I'll be signing off for an indefinite period.

Licenses accepted by LA. Office staff bought me a carton of bottled water, protective gear, and Little Debbies for the road. So I've got water, MREs, Little Debbies, J. Walker Red, and .45 ball. What more could I possibly need? A more reliable vehicle. But I'm sure the bumper stickers will be a hit:

Missing B100's birthday party to do this, so there better be at least one working C&W radio station down that way.

F Troop- hold the fort while I'm gone. Defend it with extreme prejudice.

G-d bless all those who are helping, and if there is a Hell, may G-d damn to eternal Hell all those Democrats who are trying to destroy this country by making this disaster a political football.

(excerpts from LGF comments)

Will do, fastac. Am clearing fire zones and prepping claymores. - F-troop
Couldn't agree with you more.

You have my complete respect for pitching in.
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