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Friday, September 02, 2005


Disaster summary for the clueless:

1. Effects happen in irregular ripples. Supplies continue to diminish in a widening circle from the epicenter.
2. The LA National Guard was on scene before the flooding began. More LA and Federal military and civilian assistance continues to pour into the Gulf area, including vehicles, aircraft, and capital ships. They must bring their own fuel, water, and food.
3. Many victims made themselves victims, and continue to wait for someone else to fix their problems. A determined group, self-organized, could walk or raft out of New Orleans in less than 4 hours. As they weaken, self-rescue, or any rescue, becomes less of a certainty than death.
4. The death toll will be staggering. That, the hurricane itself, and Gov. Blanco's total lack of spine and skill, are not the fault of President George Bush.
5. Martial law is an ugly thing. It will be required to restore order and provide meaningful assistance.
6. Monetary donations to ARC, Salvation Army, and a select handful of main-line charities, is probably the most effective way most Americans can help. Direct aid is for experts, or those who find themselves with out-of-state refugees to aid.
7. Serious thought must be given as to whether or not NOLA and other Gulf Coast communities should be re-built; other than hardened port facilities with raised roads to inland centers.
8. Katy Couric is a two-bit whore.

Also see:some thoughts on preparation.

Sad but true.
Well said, but you missed that Couric is also an utter moron.
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