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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Peace Through Superior Firepower, Nagasaki edition

Hey! It's August 9th!
Peace Through Superior Firepower.

/for those who think that's tasteless, tough. My uncle and many thousands of others came home because we were able to end a war that others started.

Concur yr analysis.

They came home, thanks to the Bomb. Well, most of them did, and that's where it gets personal.

My dad is to this day a superior graphic designer, and in THAT day, he designed the forearm tattoo that the four youngblood GI's got at their tent city in Geo'gia...

Four befor the war, but little Willie Furno was forced to march to his death at Bataan!

God bless America's atomic scientists, her military, and her bipartisan leadership of courage!
Thought this would go well with your post. "In a time called Hell."
Nice site by the way.....
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