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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Candle Light and Music for the Troops

The city of Mishawaka, IN, held a very nice support the troops rally tonight; attended by hundreds. People sang, hundreds of lit candles were held aloft in a moving moment, the Congressman dropped by (though Bayh didn't come by; he sent a speech with a staffer), and City Hall is going to have a wall of pictures of local service members.
The local news broadcasts gave it about 30 seconds, as a lead-in to a Cindy Sheehan story. Look for the rally on the network morning shows.
Update 18 AUG 05:
The South Bend Tribune, in their 17 AUG edition, had a single captioned photo as reportage of the rally. The same paper held many column inches about Cindy Sheehan, including a brief piece about the "Support Cindy" vigil to be held that evening.

BTW- I did attend this gathering, in uniform. It was a simple, heartfelt, and very moving event. Thank you, Mishawaka.

The South Bend Tribune's 18 AUG edition has more space devoted to the Wed. night Sheehan/anti- George Bush demonstrations. Nothing more about Mishawaka's pro-troop rally, attended by hundreds, that I could find. Maybe there was something buried in the classifieds.
For the curious- the SB Tribune tends toward moonbat politics. Mayor Jeff Rea of Mishawaka is a Republican- not that there's anything wrong with that.....

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