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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Redefining heroism.

While idly looking at Sitemeter referral listings for this blog, I ran across this gem:

"of course he doesnt have the guts"
Posted by JohnKleeb on Jan-16-03 at 10:21 PM

LAST EDITED ON Jan-16-03 AT 10:28 PM (ET)

The airborne divisions are trained tough and if he couldnt handle the National Guard than he wont handle the paratroopers well. He would be like Cpt Herbert Sobel in Band of Brothers but Sobel could train men at least and make them great paratroopers and soldiers but he was a horrible field commander but a great trainer. Bush I bet could neither train these men or go in with them.

Paul David Wellstone
A liberal, democrat, and hero for all times.
A hero's death along with his wife, aides, and pilots.
"And when he gets to heaven to Saint Peter he will be one more soldier reporting, 'Sir I've served my time in hell.'"

Honor the fallen and the living.
Thank you veterans for your service.

Ireland Unite under one flag and proud Irish

DU archive

Leaving aside the attack on the President, would someone please tell me what service Wellstone did that made him a hero or even a soldier? What a slap in the face to soldiers everywhere!

Wellstone never served in the military. Democrats regard him as a hero because he stood up for ideas Republicans don't like. Hypocrits that they are, they don't feel the same way when the president stands up for ideas that they don't like.
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