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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


A Modest Proposal

Hillary Clinton is looking to be *shudder* the anointed candidate for the dems. Looking at Republicans, I don't see anybody jumping out and grabbing my attention. John McCain, but he's more of a rino. No strong independents, either.
So, how's about-

Dr. C. Rice/L. Bush in '08!

Covers a lot of political bases- women, minorities, and most important of all, brains and backbone.

Hmmm...don't get the "Rino" remark. But I guess I am not up on the Us vs. Them, Blue vs. Red, Libs vs. Cons, Dems vs Reps debate.

I know the man got a raw deal. I know that the in fighting of the 2000 election rip him up. I know he's a moderate (which I think we need now more than ever) and so the power monger neo-Cons can't let him in the chair.

But the woman on woman thing is not right. Dr. Rice is a yes-girl. She's not qualified to run the State Dept. much less the country. And Hillary wasn't qualified to be the first lady...much less a senator.

But that is just my 25 cents (inflation and all that).

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