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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Flag Day/U.S. Army's Birthday

A quick note on 14 June:
June 14th is Flag Day. It is also the Army's birthday- 230 this year. I didn't have any parties to go to, but I did visit the Marines.
The local Marine Corps League graciously allows me to be a 'social member', that I may take meals and drink there. They even address me as 'L-T'. Yesterday they had a very moving flag retirement ceremony. No mention of the Army's birthday, but I'm OK with that. They're Marines, after all. There was a small crowd there, and the local TV news people did a decent take on the ceremony.

I was saluted by the local Marine unit's 1SGT, an imposing figure in Dress Blues with a wall of decorations, including a .50 cal marksmanship badge-very cool. I am always humbled when people of that accomplishment follow me or show respect. This time around, I've encountered very few soldiers, Marines, sailors, or airmen that I wouldn't want at my side or watching my back. Those few- you know who you are.

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