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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Terri's end

30 MAR 05 1200 (late entry)
Long night in the ER. No tubes available to discontinue. Discussed Karen Ann Quinlan and Jack Kevorkian with colleagues. Had a long discussion with the on-coming MD about the ethics of the Schiavo case. Stumbled home by way of the local Class III dealer, just to window-shop. Changed clothes and went to my part-time mechanical job. Figured out that I've been awake since Mon AM, with about 3 hours out for combat naps. But hey, I'm above ground.

31 MAR 05 1020EST
Woke up after 10 1/2 hours much needed sleep. Apparently Terri Schiavo died minutes ago. Starved to death over a span of two weeks not because she was dying, not because she was unloved, but because she was inconvenient. 'Schiavo' will now enter the language.

Another gomer dead...... nothin' to see here, folks......now move along.

Rest in peace, Terri.

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