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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Run for the Border

Heinlein wrote something to the effect that 'a nation that can't control its borders is no longer a nation'.
Interesting read on illegals & the border:
(hat tip to American Dinosaurhttp://americandinosaur.blogspot.com/ )

She fits the role well--welcoming, confident, polite. Think of June Cleaver with close-cropped silver hair. But Cowan is no shrinking violet; a few years ago, she organized the first concealed-carry gun class for women of Cochise County, drawing a crowd of 28 to the Benson firehouse. And at most public meetings she attends, Cowan stands to give a rousing recital of a poem she wrote called "Ode to the Vigilante":

If I haul them to town, I'm trafficking.
If I take them in, I'm harboring.
If I feed them all, I go broke.
If I deny them, they steal.
If I'm vulnerable, they take advantage.
If my dog bites them, I have to pay their medical bills.
If I haul off a known trafficking vehicle, I face auto theft.
If I carry a gun because I'm afraid, I'm a vigilante.

"The media always twist everything we say, making us out to be these terrible vigilantes," says Cowan. "But we're just vigilant Americans."

Update 25MAR05:
Here's some people doing something about the problem (no endorsement given)-

Thanks for stopping by, a great article on a very sore subject here in Arizona.

Like Arnold says

I'll be Back!
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