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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Federal Judge Intimidation in Chicago

Monday evening Judge Joan Lefkow's Husband and Mother were found dead in the judges basement. The details, shots to the back of the head, in the basement, small-caliber weapon, and the fact that shell casings were found, indicating the owner of the semiautomatic didn't care about identification of the weapon (probably at the bottom of the river or Lake Michigan at this point, all scream "professional hit," assuming that professional can be used to describe a murderous thug. Although authorities are stressing that the judge had many enemies, my money is on White supremacist Matt Hale, currently in prison for soliciting the judge's murder on a previous occasion. The scary question is, will this have any effect, will the US spiral into the political atmosphere of fearful, easily controlled, authorities, or will a Federal Judge in Chicago find the will to go on and give a hearty FU to the bastard(s) who did this?

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