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Monday, February 07, 2005


A word on Kennedys and water

Proving that I have nothing better to do, here is my evidence for the House of Kennedy suffering the "Curse of Water."
1. President John F. Kennedy - Fell asleep, woke up to find "sailing yacht" split in two, nearly died in 1943.
2. Michael Kennedy - Died amidst a sea of frozen water in 1997 due to Newton's Three Laws and a really big tree.
3. Senator Edward M. Kennedy - nearly died in 1969 when his car plunged off a bridge into a river. He
  • Exited the Oldsmobile
  • , left Mary Jo Kopechne to die.
    4. John F. Kennedy Jr. - Died when his plane plunged into the water in 1999.
    5. Joe Kennedy Jr. - Died on active duty as a Navy Pilot during WWII. Granted this one is reaching, but serving on the water all that time was bound to catch up with him.
    I see a trend here. Don't feed the gremlins after midnight, and never get a Kennedy near large bodies of water (including snow). The only result will be tragedy.

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